Anxiety · Depression · Lust · Addiction · Trauma · Chronic illness · Unfulfilling work · Ungrateful children · Unpredictable circumstances · Eating problems · Relational problems · Financial problems · Pain · Suffering · Sin

Jesus stepped into the mess for us.

He calls us into the mess for one another.

The Book

Filled with real-life stories, biblical truth, and practical wisdom, Loving Messy People will show you how God wants to use you in his plan to transform the mess in people’s lives into something redemptive and beautiful.

The Study

This eight-week small group study helps any church or ministry get started in developing a culture of gospel care. The study comes with eight video teaching lessons, eight video roundtable discussions, and a corresponding in-depth companion guide for all participants.

The Podcast

Sometimes life gets really messy. How does the gospel speak to addiction, obsessions, abuse, and trauma? The Messy Podcast takes the principles of Gospel Care deeper by learning from experts and practitioners who have spent their lives in the mess.

The Course

For those interested in a college-level course exploring God’s call into the mess, Intro to Discipleship Counseling is offered online, every semester at Eternity Bible College as well as periodically in-person at Los Angeles Bible Training School.